Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on becoming a DRI WASH 'n GUARD distributor.

Hopefully all of your questions will be answered here.
There is a good amount of information here, so feel free to print this page and read it at your leisure.

Q1  What fees are associated with becoming a DRI WASH 'n GUARD? distributor?

A1   The only fee associated with becoming a distributor is the annual fee of $25. This is similar to the annual fee associated with a subscription to Sam's Club or any other wholesale club.  There are no other fees, such as franchise fees, royalties, or commissions that a distributor has to pay.

Q2  Are there any Regions or Territories associated with a distributorship?

A2   No.  There can be many distributors in a given area.  This helps widen the customer base of the product.

Q3  What is required of a DRI WASH 'n GUARD distributor?

A3  The answer is quite simple.  Distributors share the product, and share the opportunity.  You share the product by demonstrating it and reselling it at a profit.  You share the opportunity by introducing others into the business by signing them up as a distributor.

Q4  How are distributors trained?

A4   Distributors are trained in several ways, with the most important being on the job training, and getting help from your sponsoring dealer.

Q5  Is there a Distributor's Handbook?

A5   Yes.  It's called the Distributor Policy and Procedures (or P&P).  You can download this document directly from the DWG International Website, or by clicking here

Q6  How does a distributor resell the product at a profit?

A6   Distributors buy the products directly from DWG International at wholesale prices and resell them at the Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) or often called the Retail Value (RV).  The profit they make is determined by the discount level.

Q7  Are there different levels of wholesale pricing?

A7   Yes. The wholesale prices that the distributor pays are determined by the distributors discount level.  There are three discount levels available:

        20% discount level  The title associated with this level is DEALER.

        30% discount level  The title associated with this level is MANAGER

        40% discount level  The title associated with this level is DIRECTOR

        So, it's easy to see that retail profits are maximized at the DIRECTOR level.

Q8  How does a distributor get to the different discount levels?

A8   There are two ways:  The traditional Workup Method and QuickStart Method.

Q9  What is involved with the Workup Method?

A9   When you sign up as a distributor, you automatically start at the DEALER level (20% discount).  As you purchase products from DWG international, your sales volume is recorded. Once your sales volume reaches $3000 RV , you are promoted to the MANAGER level (30% discount).  Similarly, once at the MANAGER level, once your sales volume reaches $6000 RV, you are promoted to the DIRECTOR level (40% discount).

Q10  What is the QuickStart Method?

A10   The QuickStart Method represents an opportunity for you as a dealer to get to the higher discount levels quicker, and by purchasing a smaller quantity of products upfront,.  The only requirement for the QuickStart Method is that the product be purchased under a single order (i.e. all at the same time) During the first 30 days of your distributorship.

There are two Quick Start MethodsQuickStart Manager, and QuickStart Director.

For QuickStart Manager, you purchase $750 RV product at a 20% discount.  So depending on the products ordered (this part is up to you) your out of pocket cost will be at least $636.00 plus shipping.

For the QuickStart Director, you purchase $1495 RV product at a 30% discount.  Once again, depending on your order (It will likely be a few dollars higher due to individual costs not coming out to exactly $1495) your minimum out of pocket expense will be $1000 plus shipping.  Remember, once you sell all of this product, you will have $1495 dollars in your pocket, and you would have made $500 profit on your initial $1000 investment.

Q11  How does a distributor share the opportunity?

A11   By introducing the business opportunity not only to retail customers, but to anyone and everyone you know who may be interested in starting their own business.

Q12  How is the sales force organized?

A12  DWG International has decided that they are going to distribute the DRI WASH 'n GUARD product line via a network of distributors in a direct sales organizational structure.  This type of structure is often called a network marketing or multi-level marketing structure.  Now, before thoughts go running rampant through your mind, let me explain.  This structure is no different that any other organizational structure in the business world today.

Let's say you were just hired to work as a salesman for a Global company that sells fasteners (you know, nuts, bolts and things of that nature) at a local brick and mortar store. Now, you have a boss, who is probably a store manager.  That store manager probably reports to a district manager.  The district manager may report to a regional manager, who in turn reports to the US sales manager, who reports to the global Director of Sales who reports to the Vice President of Sales, who reports to the Presidents of Sales and Marketing who eports to the CEO.

The above business structure is typical in many sales organizations, and the DWG sales structure is no different.  As a matter of fact, take a look at your current job, it's probably structured very similarly, even though it may not be a sales organization.

However, the DWG distributor opportunity allows many levels of distributors, which helps to "get the word out" about the product to the masses.  This type of network represents a growing opportunity for anyone and everyone that would like to start their own business.

Q13  What other risks are associated with becoming a distributor?

A13   The only risk involved is purchasing products, and not putting the effort into selling them.  However, DriWash Solutions offers a guarantee that minimizes this risk for QuickStart Directors.

The DriWash Solutions Guarantee for QuickStart Directors is as follows:  If during your first year as a distributor, you decide the DRI WASH 'GUARD Distributor business is not for you, DriWash Solutions will buy back your remaining product at our cost (40% or RV).  All you need to do is ship it to us.  This limits your risk to 5% of the remaining retail volume you have on hand, plus the costs of shipping it to us.

Q14  OK, so what's the catch?

A14   Honestly, there is no catch.  You decide what profit level you want to be at: 20%, 30%, or 40%.  Then you work at selling the product and sharing the opportunity (just like I'm doing here) with others.  As with any business, you get out of it what you put into it.  So if you're willing to work, there's money to be made.  Remember, this is not a get rich quick scheme - you have to work to make money.  But what's better, working for yourself or working for someone else?

Q15  How do I get started?

A15   You get started by filling out a distributor application, paying your distributor fee, and then getting your PIN number.  From there, decide at which profit level you want to be at, and finally purchase some product to be resold at a profit!

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