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Quick Start Director

Now that you're running a business, the best way to make profit is to "Buy Low, Sell High". With DWG, the only way to do this is to become a quickstart Director.

Quick Start Director Option
(available for the first 30 days after sign up)

Under the Quick Start Director Option, you purchase $1495 worth of retail product at a 30%  discount (which must be made within the first 30 days). Your future purchases will be at the 40% discount level.

If you choose, you can also work up to the Director level.  You become a Manager when you've purchased a total of $6000 worth of retail product (at your various discounts) which would cost a minimum of $2400 from the DEALER level, plus $2100 at the MANAGER level equals $4500. There is no time limit to purchase these products. The Quick Start DIRECTOR opetion lets you get to the same level, for roughly a quarter of the cost. Here's how:

You choose your first order, which must have a retail value of $1495. This can be anything you want, but as an example, you could get

Product Case Descritpion Cost
(1) Case of 16oz Classic with Trigger Sprayer $175.60
(1) Case of 32oz Classic with Trigger Sprayer $233.70
(1) Case of 32oz Classic Refills $209.70
(1) Case of 64oz Classic Refills $267.80
(1) Case of 16oz Ultra-Ion with Trigger Sprayer $159.60
(1) Case of 32oz Ultra-Ion with Trigger Sprayer $221.70
(1) Case of 32oz Ultra-Ion Refill $197.70
(1) Case of 64oz Ultra-Ion Refill $125.90
Total: $1591.70
20% Discount: $477.61
Shipping $126.00
Total Out of Pocket $1240.69


To Start the Quick Start Director option in the 30 day window, simply call distributor Services @ 702-262-5555. Have your distributor PIN number handy, and tell them you want to become a Quick Start Director!

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